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House Cleaning Services

We understand that our clients are paying us for a luxury service and they expect and deserve top notch cleaning.  So, let CleanSense take the chore out of housecleaning for you.  We are thorough and we will find the dirtiest places missed in your home that somehow gets missed.  Regular cleaning and proper disinfection are two simple ways to reduce the spread of germs, keeping your family healthy.  Believe it or not, cleaning plays an essential role in our daily lives.  

CleanSense provides weekly, bi-weekly and monthly services designed to fit our clients busy lives.  Having us clean your house on a consistent basis or complete a one-time deep cleaning is a wonderful way to take care of your homes appearance and help preserve all type of floor surfaces, furniture, upholstery, countertops and most of all keeping restrooms looking and smelling great.


A weekly cleaning is ideal for those with busy lives and lots of social obligations.  For these people, even a simple wiping down of kitchen counters and vacuuming can put a crimp in their overloaded schedules.  Even those who work at home can find themselves without the time to do much beyond the bare necessities depending on the nature of the work


As a general upkeep type of service, this is the most popular schedule for many homes.  It's ideal for someone who is busy, but not overloaded with work or social commitments.


A once-a-month thorough cleaning provides a good, regular service for your home.  While it can be more costly than a weekly and bi-weekly service because of the workload involved, it's also often enough for people who don't entertain a lot and who may not have particularly loaded schedules.


Our prices vary and are affordable depending on the services we provide.  What makes us even more affordable is working with our clients to create a cleaning package that fits their needs.  Contact us and lets schedule a home visit today so that we can begin giving you a CleanSense.

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